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 Our meeting point - (marked X on the map) is on Nevskiy prospect - accross Famouse Book store (with the

  best coffee on the  2nd  floor)

 Directions from hotel Ambassador  to our meeting point marked in red ;

 From hotel Oktiabrskaya - just walk on Nevsky pr. to meeting point

 Наше место встречи - на Невском проспекте напротив знаменитого Дома Книги.

 Как пройти от отеля Амбасадор до нашего места встречи отмечено красным.




    Looking forward to see "ART and The City" paintings of Salon Artists in that magnificent

    space in May 2016!


  SALON 2016 St.Petersburg, Russia

email:  2016salon@gmail.com


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